About Us
The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Ltd. Was established in 1924 as an Apex Bank to meet funding Requirements of cooperative societies. It is engaged in all types of banking and credit business with societies and individuals. The PPCBL gained the status of Scheduled Bank in 1955. PPCBL was organized and being managed on the principal of voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, member economic participation, autonomy, independence, self-help and mutual cooperation. It has 151 branches in the province of Punjab. In the cooperative banking structure, the position of the Punjab Provincial cooperative limited follows sound banking practices and observe strict financial discipline. The PPCBL bank is financing the farmer through PACS (Primary Agriculture Credit Society) at the village level. There is no arena of life in Punjab where this premier institution has not played its part. It starts from a farmer, artisan to traders/businessman, everybody has been covered in the fold of this institute. The green, white and sweet revolution in the Punjab are some of the major achievements in which this institution has played a vital role.
To serve as a harmonizing center for cooperative societies in the Punjab registered under the Punjab cooperative societies Act,1924 in the Punjab in accordance with cooperative principles and to simplify the growth and subsidy of any cooperative society registered under the said Act to carry on banking and credit business. .
“To become self-sustainable institution for socioeconomic uplift of communities that creates futures through impactful financial services” .
To build the network of sustainable and scalable social enterprise that improves the lives of individuals, rural community and strengthen the cooperative movement; with the provision of state-of-art financial services to meet the emerging demands.